PALUDE T-SHIRT **sold out**

t-shirt screen printing, euro 15

PALUDE. Gianturco, dal pantano all'industria e ritorno

Diego Miedo e Davide Schiavon, 80 pag., color, 21x23, edizoni monitor, euro 15

Palude shipping to


16 pag, black and red, 15x30, euro 4

Thanks a lot I got a broken heart**sold out**

8 pag bound by hand, b/w, A5, euro 6

GIORNATA DA CANI**sold out**

52 pag., b/w, A5, euro 6

PROTEST! **sold out**

acrilic on canvas

SERIGRAPHS **sold out**

14,8x21, two colors, series of 30 signed and numbered, euro 20


35x50 cm, b/w - color, hand pulled

Silkscreen Color


china ink on paper

Drawing Number

All costs include shipping
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